Year 2

smileyWelcome to Year 2smiley

smileyCroeso i Blwyddyn 2smiley

Photo to follow!

Meet the lovely staff working in Year 2. Our teachers are Mrs McGee, Miss Blakemore, Mrs Childs and Miss Davies. Our helpful teaching assistants are Mrs Hall, Mrs Dent and Miss Casey.  If you want to find out any information, please take a look at our Parent Handbook below.

If you have any further questions about your child or school work, please don’t hesistate to come in and ask.


Our P.E Days are...

2FM – Thursday

2CD – Thursday

2BC – Friday


Autumn 1 – Once Upon a Time…

This term our topic is ‘Once Upon a Time...’

Click here to see our topic web.


Also, follow us on our school and class Twitter to keep to date with your childs class.