Meet the Governors

Meet Our Governors

Our Governors have an important role to play in providing the forum for the discussion of the issues concerning the School and are responsible for the staffing, finance, premises, curriculum and future planning of the school. Our Governors work very closely with the Headteacher in making decisions about our school.

At Lliswerry Primary School our governors are:-


Mr J Richards


Mr M Sadler

Vice Chairman




Mr M Rees







Mr P Grimes

Community Representative













Ms L Wells

Deputy Head





Ms L Peterson

Acting Headteacher


Mrs S Davies

Staff Representative




Mrs E Payne

Teacher Representative



Ms F Kendall

Teacher Representative





Mr A Powell

Parent Representative



Mrs L Ennis

Parent Representative










Ms L Griffiths

Parent Representaive









Annual Governors Report 2015-2016

Annual Governors Report 2016-2017

Annual Governors Report 2017-2018