Eco Committee

Our wonderful ‘Eco Warriors’ 2016-2017


Look at what we are working towards this year!

Autumn Term Action Plan 2016

Spring Term Action Plan 2017

Summer Term Action Plan 2017


We have achieved our Eco-Schools Platinum Flag Renewal! Da iawn bawb!


Willow Tunnels – Forest School

Members of the Eco-Committee had a wonderful time helping Natalie Waller, our School’s Biodiverstiy Officer, trim back the willlow tunnels in our Forest School Areas.

We then worked with Natalie to make different crafts out of the willow. We had a go at making wreaths and wands.


Christmas Card Competition 2017

After Christmas, the Eco-Committee and school completed the annual Christmas card competition.  The aim of the competition is to see how many Christmas cards we can collect to recycle so that Newport Waste Savers can create new items for the city and our area.  It is also a great way of not letting our Christmas cards go to waste.

The children were very busy adding up and packing the cards. To make the competition more interesting for the children, we decided that the class that brings in the most cards gets the chance to have a special games session with the Newport Sports Development team (what a great prize!).

The top three classes were:

1st Class: 5/6NS 9,588

2nd Class: 5/6EB 5,933

3rd Class: 3/4NG 5,304

Well done everybody! Our total is the greatest amount ever collected! This year we collected 52,511!


Bring a Bag Day 2017


On Friday 27th January, we held our annual ‘Bring a Bag’ day. The Eco-Committee want the school to continue to have a positive impact on our environment and the carbon footprint. We believe that by recycling your unwanted clothes and textiles with our school, you will not only save landfill space, but you will be making use of a valuable resource. All money raised goes towards purchasing new resources for your children.

This year we collected a vast amount of clothes, shoes and bedding.

Cash4Clothes bought the items for different prices and we totaled up the final amount.

Clothes / shoes etc – 764.80 Kg @ 0.50p £382.40

Bedding 4 Kg @ 0.10p £0.40

Donation pupil £1.00

Total £383.80

We had lots of fun collecting and sorting the bags.

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to next year.

Fair Trade Day – 17.03.17

The theme this year is: ‘How to put Fair Trade in your break!’

The Eco-Committee decided they would like it if all the children and staff brought in a Fair Trade drink or snack to have during playtime.

The objectives of Fair trade Day are:

  1. Children reflect on why we all need break-time, how it helps us and what we get out of it, and how it might affect us if we never got to have a break.
  2. They think about what they can eat and drink during a break, and make some choices about this, building their knowledge of nutritional factors such as energy levels. 
  3. They learn that many of the farmers who grow the food that we eat at break-time live in poverty. By choosing to put Fairtrade in their break, they can help farmers earn enough to provide for their families.

The whole school had lots of fun celebrating!

Eco Day at the Wetlands –

Cool Coastlines

Some members of our Eco-Committee, were very lucky to be given the opportunity to go to the Wetlands for the Newport Eco Day on 23rd March. 

We talked about activities and intitiatives the Eco-Committee had been working on this year. we gained a lot of ideas that we would like to have a go of in our school.

The rest of the day completed workshops based on some thought provoking discussions and hands-on activities all linked to water and oceans. 

Eco Flag Presentation

On Friday 28th April, the Eco-Committee presented an assembly to all of Key Stage 2. We told the children about what we had acheived already this year and what we will be working towards next.

Bryony from Keep Wales Tidy and Eco Schools came into speak to the children and staff. She said what a wonderful job the whole school is doing at trying to stay Eco friendly. Bryony also said that she is excited to see what we do next.

Bryony also came into school to present our Eco-Committee with a special award. Our school has been working so hard and have done many things to stay Eco friendly, that we achieved our second Platinum Flag.

Here we all are, with our new flag! Keep a look out when you visit the school to see it flying proudly in the sky!

The Eco-Committee, Mrs Payne and Bryony.