School Council

Meet the 2016 - 2017 School Council

We have had a very busy year so far participating in and organising various events and we still have lots more to come!

School  Mural

In May 2016 we organised a Mural Competition.  All the children in the school were invited to design a mural to go on the side of the boiler house.  We collected the entries and deliberated to choose first, second and third place winners for Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2. The quality was so good we even chose some Highly Commended designs.

We looked at all the winning designs and picked out the parts that they really liked.  We then contacted the graffiti artist Lloyd Roberts and sent him the designs.  Lloyd studied the winning entries and then produced a design idea. All the children loved it.

On the 14th October, Lloyd came to school to paint the mural with members of the School Council and winners of the competition.  It was a tricky job spray painting the mural.  Everyone had to remember to keep their gloves and masks on.  The spray cans had to be held 10cm away to avoid any drips.  Once the background had been sprayed the details were added with black spray paint.

It was a fantastic experience for everybody and we all love the finished design. We like it so much we would really like to have another one!

We would like to thank on behalf of the children at Lliswerry Primary, The Friends of Lliswerry for fund raising and parents and pupils for their donations, so that we could have this Fantastic Mural. 

report by Paige and Ellie-May.



Anti-Bullying Week

As part of our Anti-Bullying week we ran a competition for all the children in the school.  The theme this year was ‘The Power of Good’.  We were pleased with the number of entries we received, it was really hard judging who won!  Eventually we reached our decision and decided on our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners  – take a look at the superb winning entries!

Traffic Awareness Initiative.

In November we went on a traffic patrol with our school Police Community Support Officers.  We were trying to raise awareness of safer driving around schools.  We used the speed gun to check the speed passing cars were travelling.  We also got to sit in the police car and hold the ‘door basher’ – it was really heavy!

Luckily on that day most traffic stuck to the speed limit, although we did catch someone doing 33mph!

We were also told that cars parking on the yellow zigzag lines outside school were putting out lives at risk and could get a £30 fine and points on their driving licence!