Our Lovely Staff

 Our Lovely Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Ms L Peterson

Acting Head Teacher

Mrs L Wells

Deputy Head Teacher

Curriculum, Behaviour, Assessment Lead.

Nursery Teachers

Mrs A Phillips


Mrs C Thorne

History Coordinator


Reception Teachers


Mrs H L Jones

P.E Coordinator



Mrs B Ford

Early Years Phase Leader

Music Coordinator

Mrs E Payne

(Job Share)




Ms L Price

Welsh Co-ordinator

(Job Share)




Year 1/2 Teachers

Mrs H Wood

(Job Share)

RE co-ordinator


Mrs R Ashcroft

(job share)

Art + DT Coordinator

Ms C Ennis

ESDGC Coordinator

Ms J Blakemore

Science and Forest School Coordinator

Ms H Edwards

 Literacy Coordinator

Mrs H Jones 

(On Maternity)


Mrs S Childs

(On Maternity)


Ms F Kendall

ICT Coordinator



Mrs D Sidnell

Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader

Leader of Curriculum Innovation

Maths Coordinator 



Year 3/4 Teachers

Mrs S Gawler

Lower KS2 Phase Leader 

Science Coordinator

Mrs N Godsall

RE Coordinator

Miss H Olson

KS2 English Coordinator

Ms C Murphy

Miss O'Brian

(on maternity – job share)

(Covered by Mrs L Wright)

Art + DT Coordinator


Mrs C Palmer

(On Maternity – job share) 

(Covered by Mrs S Vaughan-Jones)


Year 5/6 Teachers

Mrs K Nicholas

Upper KS2 Phase Leader 

ICT Coordinator



Mrs E Brewster 

Maths Coordinator

Mr R Adams

PE/ Games Coordinator







Ms R Delderfield


Ms E Managhan

Welsh Co-ordinator




LRB Teacher


Mrs L Board

LRB teacher 


Mrs J Cadogan Ms K Collins Mrs H Wren Mrs K Smith
Ms G Lewis Mrs A Patterson Mrs S Dent  


Site Manager
Mr Richard Shield


Office Staff
Mrs H Lekkas Ms B Oram Mr R Shield
Ms R Smith Mrs L Strawson Mrs G Tanner


Nursery Teaching Assistants
Mrs M Thomas Ms S Hayes Mrs L Vaux
Mrs R Roberts Mrs J Evans  


Reception Teaching Assistants
Ms B Williams Mr Heseltine-Smith Mrs J Bell Ms E Clarke
Mrs A Hicks Mrs L Cooper Mrs C Trow  Mrs J Wheeler


Year 1/2 Teaching Assistants
Ms H Casey Ms N Martini Mrs S Dent Mrs L Hall
Ms A Paterson Mrs K Doncaster Mrs S Fidler


Year 3/4 Teaching Assistants
Mrs C Maggs  Mrs E Rosen
Mrs M Hart  


Year 5/6 Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Beese Ms G Lewis Mrs J Morgan   
Mrs S Davies Mrs P Williams    


LRB Teaching Assistants
Miss S Waters Ms A Williams
Ms J Wynters  


Midday Supervisors
Mrs S Atwick Ms O Driscoll Mrs H Boucher Mrs Charles
Mrs C Jeavons Ms Cummings Mrs G Stewart Mrs A Swift